Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Breathing Room

Publisher:  Avon

ISBN: 978-0060093914

My rating: 3.5/5

She’s Dr. Isabel Favor, America’s diva of self-help. He’s Ren Gage, Hollywood’s favorite bad guy. She’s lost her money, her fiancé, and her reputation. He makes his living killing people—one the the silver screen, that is. Sometimes all it takes is a special place . . . a special love . . . a little breathing room . . . for life to deliver all its glorious promise. (

My thoughts

Gee, I like SEP's books. Another great read. From start to almost the end. Yes, I have to admit, the end was close to ridiculous or unbelievable that I wondered whether I had picked up the wrong book.

The main characters are Isabel and Lorenzo "Ren". She's just lost everything important in her life when she flees to Italy for some time out. But she meets Ren who's in Italy about to start his next movie. Order meets Chaos! I really liked the two characters, Ren even more when he got the hang of playing with the kids, or the potty training. I had a good giggle.

The sub-plot is about Ren's ex-wife Tracey and her husband Harry. With their marriage in pieces, Tracey comes to Italy for help from Ren - out of all people!

It was a typically SEP story with twist and turns, love and misunderstandings and a really good read for everyone who loves a good romance. I wasn't really sure how to rate it because bottom line, I had it read within days and I loved it. But it doesn't have the characters like in Dream a Little Dream or even the depth.

All in all - a great read, yet not of SEP's best one, but still highly recommendable!

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