Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Dream a Little Dream

Publisher: Avon

ISBN: 978-0380794478

My rating:  5/ 5

(This is not an official Chicago Stars book, but continues the story of the Bonner family.)

After the discovery that her late husband, a popular televangelist, embezzled five million dollars from his ministry, Rachel Stone, the televangelist's widow, is an outcast—broke, unemployed, with a five-year-old son to raise. Fate and a dead car engine leave her at a shabby drive-in theater owned by Gabriel Bonner, the hostile black sheep of the town's most prominent family. Welcome to Salvation, North Carolina, where a man who's forgotten what tenderness means meets a woman with nothing to lose.
Chicago Stars Series Book #4  (

My thoughts

BINGO !! -  LOVED. IT !!!

I always wondered what a book would be like that I'd rate 5/5. "Dream a little Dream" is very, very close to just that, but I couldn't give it any less than 5 because of the way it got me glued to the pages for two full days and got the emotions going non-stop.

The story tugs at your heart from the very page and it doesn't stop for quite a while. I had this book read within just a few days and am very glad I did.

With only a few dollars left in her pocket, Rachel's car breaks down in Salvation - the place she left only years early when her televangelist husband is killed in an accident. Rachel is now determined to find the five million dollars, the money her husband stole from the congregation - with good intentions in the back of her mind, as well as the intentions of providing her five year old son with a better future. Then she meets Gabe - Cal Bonner's brother (from Nobody's Baby But Mine) who is still grieving for his late wife and son.

The characters, mainly Rachel and Gabe, are real to the bone - with their flaws and their goodness at heart their daily struggle to survive what life throws at them is a wonderful read and in my opinion couldn't have been put into words any better.
Ethan, Gabe's brother, is a hoot, especially when he finally figures out his feelings for Kirsty and I really enjoyed their story, which got me laughing within all the tears I shared with Rachel - I would've loved for SEP to give them a book in their own right.

The only aspect I didn't like the mean-spirited portrait of Cal. I loved him in Nobody's baby but mine and thought, even though he was the protective older brother, his actions were uncharacteristic for him.

All in all .... LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED and will place it underneath all the books on my desk so I can read it again soon !

Go and get it if you love a nice romance with oomph!

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