Sample Sunday - Sweet Dreams, Miss England

Okay - I'm getting the hang of this.

So last week you've read about the shopping. Today's Sample is the same day later that evening.


On her way back to the group she bumped into Daniel when she was casually brushing off some crumbs from the chips she had been nibbling.
          “You’re making a habit out of this, Miss England,” he said.
          “It’s not really my fault that you have a tendency to always be in my way, Mr. Callaghan.”
          Daniel laughingly shook his head. “By the way, thanks for a great day!”
          “I don’t believe that one bit. Going shopping all day must be a man’s worst nightmare.”
          “I have a feeling it was for you as well. You don’t come across as a big shopper. So thanks!”

          Nicky blushed, but tried to cover it up by brushing the rest of the crumbs off her shirt. She felt his finger under her chin. He lifted it up gently and moved forward towards her. She heard his quiet words, “I could go shopping every day with a guide like you,” and then he gently kissed her lips. Nicky’s heart raced but instead of pulling away she opened her lips under his, inviting him to move ahead. For a very brief moment the world around her didn’t exist and she was overwhelmed with a rush of emotions.

         “Hey, DJ.” Daniel immediately moved a step back, and turned towards Alex.
          Nicky a bit unsure, and still in a daze, went back to brushing off non-existent crumbs.
          “This really stinks. DJ, have you got any change of English pounds? I swear they’d be better off with Euros.” Daniel laughed. It was so typical of Alex to be short of money.
          “Sorry, mate, I just have this ten pound note. Will that do?”
          “Hey, guys, did I just interrupt something?” Alex’s smile turned into a grin.
          Nicky said, “I’d better go back to the girls.”
          “Sorry, girls, but I’ve really got to go home. It’s kind of late and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Not to mention a long way back to the car.”
          “Oh, really? Already?”
          “Yes, I’m sorry. I still have to catch the train to the car, which will take me a while. But it was great catching up with you guys. Thank you so much for calling and inviting me. I had a great day.”
          “So did we. Do you want us to come with you?”
          “No, you’re fine. You better celebrate Erin’s birthday in style.”
          “Thank you so much for being our guide; it was great. We definitely have to show you around Dublin next time you’re over.”
          Siobhan added, “There’ll be the Kildare Derby Festival soon, and DJ’s party. You just have to come then. Bring the girls. Mark will look after them. No worries.”
          “It’s not that easy. Shane wants us to come to L.A. over the summer.”
          “Oh, wow, send the kids over and you can follow later. Honestly, you don’t want to miss this.”
          “And I have a feeling DJ would love your company as well,” Erin said with a grin.
          Nicky waved off the comment. “You two are watching too many daytime soaps. I’ll let you know next week.”

          She gave both a hug. Daniel and Alex were still at the bar, so she waved them goodbye. Daniel quickly struggled through the crowd over to her.

          “So you continually bump into people, but you also have a habit of leaving on the drop of a hat as well.”

          “Sorry, but I have to go.”
          “Will you come for breakfast tomorrow?”
          “Sorry, I can’t. I have to get a few things organised for the week.”

          “I’d like to see you again. I still owe you a dinner.”

          “Daniel, I’m married. It’s not that easy.”

          “Things are what you make of them. Things are never easy if you don’t face them.”

          Nicky tried to avoid looking at him, but Daniel lifted her chin. “There’s the Derby Festival in ….”

          “….. in Kildare in a few weeks, I know.”

          “You know about it, so you’ll come, won’t you? You can camp at my place – I’ve got a spare bedroom,” he said with a grin.

          Nicky just sighed, gave him a quick kiss and left. Once she felt the cool summer air outside, she wasn’t able to hold back the tears. How could she let herself get into a situation like this? She should have known better, but she still did. She definitely had to talk to Jamie!

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  1. Nice sample. The hook was when she said she was married. Makes me want to know more.

  2. Same here. I'd definitely enjoy reading this book.

  3. Thanks everyone! Send me an email with your addy and I'll give you a free copy :-)