Sample Sunday - Sweet Dreams, Miss England

Okay - so it always takes me a little longer to find out the good things .... But this one sounds nice. Check out here where I got the idea from.

So - this is my first Sample Sunday and I hope you like it.

Nicky is my main character. She lives in London with two young girls. She's just made friends with tow Irish women who are in London to enjoy the sights with two of their -male- friends.

          While Erin and Alex went off to the Disney store for a few souvenirs for Erin’s daughter, and Siobhan to check out some gift shops, Daniel decided to join Nicky to have a break and watch some street performers.

          “I just loved that toy store,” Daniel broke the silence between them.

          Nicky started to laugh. “Yes that was pretty obvious.”

          “You should laugh more often, it suits you.”

          Nicky looked away, realising that she couldn’t remember ever laughing so much, not even with Jamie, and particularly not with Shane.

          “Tell me about Mr. England,” Daniel said.

          Nicky was quite surprised by the words and wasn’t sure why he wanted to know.

          “There’s not much to tell about Shane. I suppose you would have heard more from the girls and the website than I can tell you.”

          “You’re kidding me, that’s Mr. England?”

          Nicky was stunned by the question and wasn’t sure whether he was serious or not.

          “Yes, that’s my husband.”

          Daniel raised his eyebrows. “I had no idea, honestly. So he’s in the States and you’re living here with your kids?”


          “Do you still love him?”

          Nicky hesitated. She was quite tempted to give him an honest answer, an answer she thought he deserved, but she had no idea where he was going with this questioning, so she lapsed back to her old self and put up her safety wall.

          “This is none of your business.” Nicky was about to stand up when he took hold of her hand and held her back.

          “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I am really sorry,” he said.

          She looked at him and knew he was sincere with his apology. “Sorry, Daniel. People have been digging into my private life for such a long time and so often, purely for gossip and financial reasons, it has become very difficult to trust people.”

          Nicky sensed Daniel’s look on her. She was expecting him to comment on what had just been said, but he remained silent. It was an odd feeling, a feeling as though he was about to take her in his arms, but the moment soon passed. She was relieved, because the friendship and the trust that came with it were still too new. He was still holding her hand, though, and Nicky made no attempts to take it away. She liked to feel his gentle hands on hers.

           “Love is such a big word,” she said. “People just use the word, without even thinking what it actually means. Most of us don’t even know what it means, until we’ve found our true love. ”

          “My grandfather always says: ‘you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.’”

          Nicky smiled at the sentiment. “I think I might like your grandfather.” She was well aware of the fact that Daniel had caused her many sleepless nights over the last few weeks.

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