Sample Sunday - Sweet Dreams, Miss England

And another Sunday .... Another Sample .... Enjoy .... and leave a comment if you liked it :-)

          Nicky followed Siobhan’s directions to find Daniel. The door was open and she watched him as he lay on the couch with the blanket just covering his lower part of his body. Nicky quietly cursed Siobhan for putting her in this situation. She gazed at his well-trained chest rising with every breath. There it was again, this feeling she couldn’t control. All she wanted was to touch him, but all she was hoping for was for someone to get her out of this room. How could she find the strength to resist him when his nearness alone confused her?

          She gave a quick intake of breath for courage and went over to Daniel to sit on the little tea table nearby. She quietly said his name, but there was no response. She carefully touched him and said his name again. There was a moan and he started to wake up. He rubbed his hands over his face to help him open his eyes. As soon as he saw Nicky though, a big smile appeared on his face.

          “Good morning, Miss England.”

          Nicky, still a bit hesitant, smiled back at him. “My little Emily usually wakes me with a coffee and a kiss,” he said cheekily.

          Nicky smiled and shook her head as she straightened up. She went back into the kitchen, and grabbed a cup and some coffee.

          Siobhan looked across the room at her. “Don’t ask! Apparently there’s a right way to wake up Mr. Callaghan.”

          She was about to go back into Daniel’s room, when Siobhan gave her two biscuits. “He loves his HobNobs.”

          Daniel hadn’t moved an inch, but sat up when he saw Nicky. She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

          “I had no idea, I had such strong competition,” she said, giving him the cup of coffee and the biscuits.

          “Are you flirting with me, Miss England?”

          “I wouldn’t like to hurt Emily’s feelings. So, no, I’m not. I just do things the way they’re done around here,” she said cheekily.

          “She usually rubs my back in the bath as well,” he grinned.

          “Don’t push it, Mr. Callaghan,” Nicky replied on her way out. “And you’d better get ready if you want to give me a lift to the airport.”