May I introduce: J.F. Jenkins "The Dark Hour"

The Dark Hour
By J.F. Jenkins 

What or who inspires you when you think of a new story?
I tend to think of my inspiration as divine inspiration. I get it at night, usually when I sleep, and I believe firmly it is a gift from God because my dreams are just too interesting to be something my brain makes up on its own. Then I start to put pieces together over time, and eventually start writing and putting out the story. 
Do you have a favourite author?
 I have a few authors I love and admire for the work they've done. In terms of technique and just attitude, I love Stephen King. I don't read all of his books, but I do love his style, his ability to break the rules, and his blunt way of talking about writing as a process in general. We've got a lot in common.
Tell us about your current project
My latest project is a science fiction story for Young Adults. It's coming of age and deals with a lot of conspiracy theory stuff. I can't really say too much more about it because then it would spoil the entire book. 

 Becca Simpson is a not so average teenager, and she knows it. In fact, she embraces it. She was cho-sen to be a Keeper, one who keeps the gates sealed between the magic world and the "normal" world. The only time she isn't safe from the dark creatures of the Other Side is the Dark Hour. Every night, at the same time, the gates between the two worlds open and Becca is left vulnerable until the gate closes and the minions disappear. But that's why she has Erik Manchester. As her Guardian, Erik is in charge of making sure no one, or no thing, comes after her to take her away. Because waiting for her on the Other Side is a tyrannical emperor, looking to use her status to meld the two worlds into one.
With Erik, Becca feels safe, but suffocated. There are rules she has to follow in order to keep out of the hands of the emperor. Then Kyne walks into her life and challenges everything she knows. Not only does he know things about the Other Side, but he's from there. And found a way to stay in the normal world without frying.
J.F. Jenkins lives in Minneapolis Minnesota with her husband, son, and two cats. She graduated from Bethel University in 2006 with a degree in Media Communication with minors in both writing and film. When she is not busy writing, she spends her free time playing games, reading, and spending time with her family. 
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