May I introduce: Kelly Martin "The Afterlife of Lizzie Monroe"

The Afterlife of Lizzie Monroe
By Kelly Martin 


I have no idea how she does it, but she's like the Energizer Bunny - tirelessly promoting Astraea Press, bestselling author -  not to mention family and work.
It's an absolute pleasure to have Kelly as a guest today.

1 – What gave you the idea to the story?

I watched an episode of the Vampire Diaries from the first season. It was when Damon and Stefan were in the basement of the church because that's where they thought Damon's (and Stefan's) vampire girlfriend had been the last 150 years. She wasn't... That night I had a dream about a girl in white in the basement of a church and a boy named Shane who found her and had to take care of her. That's basically how LIZZIE was born :)

2 – What is it about the genre young adult that draws you to it?

I'm one of those people who believe the 90s were less than 10 years ago lol Meaning, I never grew up and I never left high school behind. I love reading YA stories. I love writing them. It's something about that age. Your whole life is in front of you. It's an exciting (and very dramatic) time.

3  – Tell us about your current project. 

Oh... I have a lot of projects lol. I'm going to have a very busy year. The sequel to Saint Sloan called Saving Sloan comes out March 4th. I'm SO excited for that book to come out! In April, I have the first of a series called HINDSIGHT. Think of it as a 3 episode TV 'season'. There will be 3 books in the first 'season'.... 3 in the 'second' etc (You know.. if it gets renewed ;) ). Hindsight: Out of the Blue comes out April 8th. The other 2 in this season will be titled The Black Heart and Red Scarlet. AND, I'm working on the sequel to The Afterlife of Lizzie Monroe (I couldn't end it like 'that' could I? ;) ). I'm planning on having it out in October. ALSO, I have a Christmas book planned with Wendy Knight and Leah Sanders..... ANNNNNNNNNNNND, I'm working on my first regency. It has been so fun to write! I hope it's fun to read. Shew....

 If Shane Davis had it to do over again, he wouldn't have gone out that night. He wouldn't have burned down the church. And he sure wouldn't have taken the annoying dead girl home with him.
Now that Shane has her, he has no idea what to do with her. He can't release her into the "wild" because people will recognize her (being a hundred and fifty year old town 'legend' will do that). He can't send her away because she can't take care of herself yet. And she can't stay because if people find her, they'll know he burned the church. Being eighteen now, Shane definitely doesn't want that fact coming out.
Unbeknownst to Shane, someone has figured out the girl's secret and will do anything to get it for himself... even kill the girl who isn't so immortal after all.
Kelly Martin is a bestselling author of four young adult novels: Crossing the Deep, Saint Sloan, The Deception of Devin Miller, and Big is Beautiful. Saving Sloan, the Saint Sloan sequel, will come out in early 2014. The first of the Hindsight series, Out of the Blue, comes out in February 2014. 
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 Shane jumped to his knees, but Lizzie grabbed his arm to keep him from attacking Drake. She wasn’t worth it.
Shane looked down at her, his face hard. “He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.”
Lizzie opened her mouth to speak, but Drake beat her to it. “And I bet you are the one to teach me, right, Davis?”
“Shut up,” Cheyenne said, stepping in front of Drake. “You two just cool it. You’re acting like children.”
“He started it.” Drake sat back down on the rolling chair in a huff. He ran his hands thought his hair and sighed.
Lizzie tugged on Shane’s arm to pull him down to her. He complied, but didn’t seem pleased about it. He wrapped his fingers around hers, holding her hand. If Lizzie’s heart could beat, it would have beat out of her chest. Even though he was holding her hand, he kept his eyes on Drake and Cheyenne. Lizzie wasn’t even sure he knew he was holding her hand, but Lizzie knew and she didn’t try to let go.

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