Review: Rachel Gibson "Simply Irresistible"

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN:  9780380790074

My rating: 3/5

Georgeanne Howard, charm school graduate and Southern belle extraordinaire, leaves her fiancé at the altar when she realizes she just can't marry a man old enough to be her grandfather, no matter how rich he is. John Kowalsky unknowingly helps her escape, and only when it's too late does he realize that he's absconded with his boss's bride. At the height of his hockey career, this bad boy isn't looking to be anybody's savior but his own, no matter how beautiful this angel may be. But a long night stretches ahead of them--a night too sultry to resist temptation.
When Georgeanne and John meet again, she is on her way to becoming Seattle's domestic darling and he is past his hellraising days. But he is shocked to learn that their single unforgettable night in paradise produced a daughter, and he is determined to be part of her life. Georgeanne has loved John since the moment she jumped into his little red Corvette seven years ago, but she doesn't want to risk her heart again. Is he really a changed man? And will he risk the wrath of his boss, and one final chance at glory, to prove that this time his love will be everlasting? (

My thoughts

Another nice summer read, but I have to admit it reminded me A LOT of  Rachel Gibson's "No Man of Mine"

Georgeanne  meets John Kowalsky, a Chinook player when she runs away from her wedding. Although John knows he plays with fire, as the husband-to-be is Virgil Duffy, the owner of the Chinooks, but John can't keep his hands off her - the result, as he finds out seven years later, is a little girl "Lexie".

The characters are okay, but without any depth, yet I loved the moments between father and daughter. That was well done! And the dialogues between Mae and Hugh had some good pinch to them.

Bottom line - if you have read No Man of Mine ... you've read this one. Nothing new.

Also, lots of sudden scene changes confused me at times, so much that I the re-reading was annoying and I put the book aside. But I'm not sure whether that was just me.

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