May I introduce: Felicia Rogers "Pearl Valley"

Pearl Valley
by Felicia Rogers

On her own website, Felicia Rogers describes herself as:  "your average, ordinary woman, with a side interest-- writing." Well, let me tell you, there's nothing average or ordinary about her wonderful books!

1 – You write contemporary as well as historical romance. Where do you get your ideas from?
My story ideas come from a little bit of everywhere and everything. One historical I wrote, Labor of Love, came to me after a Voice of the Martyrs Conference. A speaker relayed the story of a young girl in Ireland forced to deny her faith or drown. After I heard the moving historical tale, I knew I wanted to write a similar story, thus Sorcha in Labor of Love was born.
As for my contemporary story ideas, they spring from real life events as well as dreams. Diamond Mine, which is the first book in the Wounded Soldiers Series, started because I wanted to write a mission impossible type story. The more I thought on the mission the more I realized I wanted it to include information about the slave trade in Africa. But still something was missing, my hero. I’ve shared this story before, but I love telling it so I’ll do it again. I was watching the game show, Minute to Win It, when I witnessed two soldiers who had lost their legs in a Middle East military excursion. Their positive attitudes on life made me realize I wanted my hero to be wounded, but with God’s help and the love of a good woman, have the ability to overcome.

I like I said, my story ideas come from everywhere and everything.

2 – How did you come up with the idea for Pearl Valley?
I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the story idea for Pearl Valley came from the fact that I wanted the hero to wear a cowboy hat. Silly, but true. Although that is how the story started, it became a story about two broken people looking for peace. In some way everyone is broken and we are always searching for that piece that fixes us. Trevor, cowboy hat and all, thinks he is the one who needs to find the peace, yet in the end he gives it.

3 – Tell us about your next project.
 I have more than one project in the works. The third book in the Wounded Soldiers Series, Emerald Street, is set to come out in August. I also hope to publish the rest of my Andrews Brothers Series and the Southern Hearts Series before the end of the year. Of course this doesn’t include any new ideas that might come to mind. Watch out…you could be in my next story!

A town plagued by mysterious fires, and two people struggling to find peace.
Trevor Jacobs, ex-navy seal, lost his leg during a military excursion. Not only is he hampered by physical limitations, but he has to suffer the pitying stares of strangers whenever he ventures into the public eye.

Janie Dossett lost her mother to a fire ten years ago, and her life changed forever. Now she shies away from the public, secluding herself in the only place she feels comfortable, her hometown.
When Trevor Jacobs shows up searching for Jane Dossett, Janie doesn’t readily reveal herself. Trevor is seeking something from her, something she doesn’t think she can give.

Felicia Rogers is an author of multiple novels and novellas. When she's not writing, Felicia volunteers with the Girl Scouts of America, teaches at a local homeschooling group, hikes, and spends time with her family. 

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The ladder stabilized, and she looked down to find a tall man, his head covered in a cowboy hat, holding the ladder in place.

“Come on down, miss. I’ll hold it steady.”

Frozen with fear, it took a few moments for her to move.

He said, “Am I going to have to come up and get you? I can do it, but then I’ll be putting both our lives in the hands of these kids down here, and I don’t think you want me to do that.”

Janie shook her head and slowly descended. When her foot touched the ground, she felt unsteady. She shot her hand out, and it landed on the well-muscled arm of the man before her.

“Are you okay?” he asked, drawing his brows together.

She nodded and closed her eyes as she waited for the stars to disappear. “I’ll be fine if you can just give me a minute.”

She felt the pressure of his hand as he guided her to the bleachers and helped her sit down.

“Place your head between your knees.”

“Are you sure? I mean won’t that make me more dizzy?”

“Are you going to question everything I say?”

Obeying his firm words, Janie placed her head between her knees.

“Now breathe real deep. Give it a few minutes and then lift your head real slow. I’ll be right beside you when you come up.”

The deep breaths calmed her rapid pulse, and when she opened her eyes, the stars were gone. She lifted her head slowly and stared at his face. He smiled, showing a row of perfectly white teeth.

“Do you feel okay?” He’d positioned his arms on either side of her, like in a big hug, so if she toppled in either direction he was ready to catch her. Staring at his face, she found she couldn’t answer.

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