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More Beginnings
Review by Frank Nolan, The Courier / VoiceFM


More Beginnings is the second of a proposed three story series by author Iris Blobel. It follows the lives of characters introduced in the first book of the series titled New Beginnings. Six years have now passed since Sophie Levesque and her younger sister Mia unexpectedly became the owners of a cottage in beautiful Chestnut Avenue, Battery Point, Tasmania. The identity of their mysterious benefactor has now been revealed and fourteen year old Mia is happily settled at school. However, her life is suddenly disturbed when a stranger named Darren Schuster turns up and she is faced with ”more beginnings” in her young life.

Iris Blobel tells an interesting story with believable characters and More Beginnings will have her readers eagerly awaiting the third instalment of the story of the folk at Chestnut Avenue, Battery Point.

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