#Bookreview: Kay Springsteen "The 13 Of Hearts (Heartsight Book 5)"


ISBN: n.a.

My rating: 4.5/5

Peter "Rabbit" Kincaid wasn't always superstitious but after several deployments with the US Marines, he's picked up a few quirks. His last tour of duty didn't go so well, and now he's back home recovering from injuries and awaiting clearance to get back in the fight. The fight is about to come to him in a different way.

Melinda "Lin" Doyle is a two-time US Marine widow on the run from the fallout of an incident that threatens to separate her from her two children. Making their home in a motel where she works for board and half pay, with her oldest child attending school under an assumed name isn't her idea of being Mother of the Year. Then again, neither is being at the center of a murder investigation.

Rabbit believes everything happens for a reason so when he and the young family cross paths multiple times over the course of a couple of days, he pays attention. Lin would rather the handsome Marine officer take his attention elsewhere before he ruins everything. How can they ever get along when everything they do appears to be at cross purposes?

My thoughts:

This story was on my TBR list more or less from the day is was released, but I have to admit I was at a stage when I was tired of Soldier heroes. I should've listened to my gut feeling, though, telling me, Kay Springsteen never disappoints and that the Heartsight series is one of my favourite.
Bottom line, I loved it.
Peter Kincaid is struggling with the aftereffects of his deployments, mainly superstition (great explanation, btw, how he came to get them). When he meets Lin, mother of two, he knows things are not what they seem.
It's a great story and not a straight forward romance, but with a little mystery beaded into it. And I appreciated the fact that I was clueless to the very end.
Kudos - another great addition to the Hearsight series!

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