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I'm back with Ethan's story. A quick re-cap: Addison's house was broken in, Ethan worries about here being on her own over night and grabs his swag and stays overnight.
Today's prompt is a picture. 

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Matt nodded towards the table. “From you?”

Ethan followed his gaze and assumed Matt was talking about the red roses and the box of chocolate. He moved back to Matt and cocked a brow. “Important to the case?”

With a shrug, he replied, “Nope.”

“Curiosity killed the cat, you know that, right?”

A small frown came onto Matt’s forehead as his gaze went outside. “In this case it wasn’t the cat that was killed but the possum. Got a gut feeling who could’ve done this.”

Raking his hand through his hair, Ethan shook his head.

“Think Addison would have an idea?”

Another shake of his head.

“Can’t say you’re much help.”

Instead of shaking his head, Ethan lifted his shoulder in a slight shrug.

Letting out a long breath, Matt said after a long moment, “Okay, the guys do the outside thing, but I will need Addison to come in for a formal statement and some information on personal safety. I’ll get an investigation started. Did you say her parents are on the way?”

Ethan nodded slowly.

“Cat got your tongue?”

“Holding back on the cursing I’d love to do. This whole situation is beyond believe. I mean who would do this kind of shit?”

Before Matt was able to reply, one of his officers came in. “Outside all done.” With his thumb pointing down the hall, he added, “Some crying coming out of one of the rooms.”

Ethan lifted his finger as a thanks and without any further words headed towards Addison’s bedroom, where he found her sitting up on her bed, covered in sweat, but wide awake.

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  1. Nice blend of mystery and emotion here. I need to know what sick SOB did this. Well done.

  2. love the scene and the use of the picture. Made me want some chocolate. AND I didn't know you guys had possums down there and call them the same thing we do. :)

    1. Oh yes we have possums ... we actually had one living in the roof for a while :-( from what I've heard "our" possums seem to be a bit cuter than the American possums, though

  3. Well done! I didn't know that about the possums either.

  4. Great scene, Iris! Hopefully they will get to the bottom on the devil.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Flossie. I really appreciate it.

  5. Poor thing! I'm so glad he's there with her!

  6. Ah poor possum. Only a sicko kills animals. Hope he gets caught soon!

    1. I love it how you care so much about the possum ☺