Snippet Sunday - FRESH BEGINNINGS 30/08/2015 #romance #amreading #Route66

We continue with Fresh Beginnings, Jared's story as he travels through five states
 in the US in a Motorhome. I used our itinerary from our US travels two years ago
 and wrote a romance story around in.
Jared's met Ivy, a hitchhiker ... I skipped forward a little, they're now having some lunch.


They drove into town with Ivy behind the steering wheel. She was indeed a very good driver. Ivy had no trouble steering the big vehicle through the small streets, and before he knew it, they'd stopped in a shopping parking area. It suited him as he wanted to stock up on a few items before he hit the road again.
"I suppose that's it," she said quietly.
He simply nodded. There wasn't much to say. As much as he enjoyed the little bit of company, she hadn't been a great talker and was too tense about the whole situation she was in. Whatever the situation was. He'd never asked. It wasn't any of his business. The bottom line was, he wanted to enjoy a nice holiday and not take on somebody else's problems. Bad enough that he would have an extra passenger in a few days when he made it to Utah.
"Thanks," she added and held out her hand.
He took the hand and replied, "No worries mate."
That made her smile. A smile he wouldn't forget. "Look after yourself and don't forget to eat, will ya?"
Taking her bag, she said, "The woman who will end up with you, will be one lucky lady."
He chuckled. "And I had the impression you thought of me as a criminal."
"No," she lied.
And he chuckled some more. "I'd better go. It was really nice meeting you. And I really appreciate you helping me out."
He stood and locked the doors to the motorhome. Yet, she wasn't moving.
Watching her carefully, he finally said. "Your feet aren't movin'."
Her beautiful eyes filled up with tears, and Jared felt bad for pushing her. Obviously, her impression of him being a criminal couldn't have been all that bad, because she wasn't leaving. Exhaling a big breath, he met her gaze. Nothing was going to plan, so why not?
"Wanna come a little further?" he finally asked.
To his surprise, she shook her head. "No." Drawing in her lips, she stepped back and then said. "Bye, Jared."
With a guilty conscience, he watched her walk across the car park and into a distance. "Nice knowing ya," he said to himself and then went into the shopping centre.



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  1. He needs to go after her. Please tell me he goes after her.
    Great snippet. :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer ... let's hope he will .... but .... :-)

  2. I hope they meet up again -- soon.

  3. Interesting she didn't take the offer to stay with him a bit further. Enjoyed the excerpt, intrigued!

    1. I told her to take up on his offer, but book characters .... *sigh* ... they have a mind of their own ;-) Thanks Veronica.

  4. I thought she'd go with him, but maybe he should follow her. Nice snippet.

  5. Hum, I wonder what she is crying about. I'm sure he'll find her again a bit further on the road.

    1. Oh Linda ... you might be on track here ;-)

  6. I have a feeling that after he stocks up on a few things and gets back to his vehicle he'll find her again, I hope.

  7. Something must happen that he goes after her. :) Can't wait to find out.

  8. No, turn around and go back to him! Or better yet, chase AFTER her, Jared. Oh I feel her pain and inner confliction. I can almost guess her thoughts even though you aren't saying much of them. Great snippet.

    Love this line, by the way! "Your feet aren't movin'."

    1. LOL ... thank you so much. Glad you're enjoying the story.

  9. One of them needs to make the first move! I don't like the way this is ending.

    1. It'll be all good. Thanks for stopping by Dianne.

  10. Interesting... seems like there's more going on than either of them realize. Nice snippet.