Snippet Sunday - JOURNEY TO HER DREAMS 11/10/2015 #romance #amreading #dreams #Ireland

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Here's another little snippet.



Hollie made her way to the bar. As she struggled through the crowd, she noticed how Jeremy was watching her. A tingle shuddered through her lower body. She pretended not to be affected by his gaze, but her heart was pounding twice as fast, and her cheeks were burning. She returned his smile and took in how attractive he was, indeed. Even in the typical dimmed nightclub light, she noticed his athletic body, the short dark hair, and his immaculate white teeth. She liked the combination of his black denim jeans, the simple white shirt, and a casual jacket with the sleeves folded to his elbows.
It had been a few years since she had been filled with such inner upheaval—since she had met Jackson to be exact. For crying out loud, Hollie, just get a grip on yourself.
It seemed a long way and a long time, but she finally got to the bar and ordered a lemon vodka as well as some water. Trying to get some change out of her tight pockets, she startled when someone spoke to her.
“May I buy you this drink?”
Hollie turned and looked straight into Jeremy’s eyes.
“Hi,” she stuttered. “Actually, thanks, but no thanks.”
“Hey, just this one,” he persisted.
“Honestly, I don’t think it would be fair. My friend is waiting for me to bring her a glass of water. Next time perhaps,” she heard herself saying. There was something inside her that wasn’t ready yet for the whole flirting and dating business.
My stupid dreams! They’re giving me an anti-­men complex.
But Jeremy wouldn’t take no for an answer. “How about you take the water over and come back for your drink?”
Hollie exhaled a small breath. He’d cornered her, and she didn’t like it. But there was something about him she wasn’t able to resist. She stared at him, and his mischievous eyes prolonged the moment.

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  1. Replies
    1. He is indeed ... but in a good way :-)

  2. Good dialogue--it flows easily and feels very natural.

    1. Thank you, Teresa. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Careful what you wish for. Good snippet, Iris. :)

  4. Interesting scene, I liked the complexity of her emotions. Great snippet!

  5. He doesn't give up easily, does he?

    1. Not at all ... which is good ;-) Thanks Elaine.

  6. One drink wouldn't hurt...just be careful!

    1. Thanks Dianne! :-) I agree, always watch out.

  7. He's persistent, isn't he. Enjoyed the snippet. So...does she have that drink with him? :)

  8. Good snippet. Your depiction of her entrance into the bar is very effective.

  9. Methinks she's about to cave and give in. This should prove interesting. Nice snippet!