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I continue with  Rachel's story. I introduced her in "I think I love you", the third book in the "Australian Sports Stars Series". She's Sarah's sister.
Today's prompt is  GOLD. 

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Rachel hesitated for a second, then quickly hung up. Yet, she hit the redial button almost instantly.
“Hello?” the person answered, this time with more irritation in his voice.
Confused, she asked, “Can I speak to Oliver please?”
“He’s not home.”
“Who… who are you?”
“My name is Mat. Can I leave him a message?”
Momentarily puzzled, she racked her brain to put one and one together. This guy definitely had a little Kiwi accent in his voice. But who the hell was Mat?
His question hauled her back to their conversation. “Are you okay?”
“Of course I am. Please let him know I called,” she snapped, still out of sorts, and hung up, never giving him a chance to reply.
Breathing in and out, she tried to calm herself down. Adrenaline shot through her, leaving her shaking all over. She took another deep breath before she walked to the kitchen to rinse her clammy hands and make a cup of tea. The sound of the phone made her jump, and she rushed back to grab it, nearly knocking over the goldfish tank, cursing the police all the way as well as Frank, the bastard who'd left her in hospital bruised and beaten up last year.
"It's Mat. How about you tell me your name so I can ask Oliver to return your call?”
''How did you get my number?”
"Reverse call,” he replied nonchalantly.
A smile twitched at Rachel's lips. He was clever. And he cared. "It's Rachel. My name is Rachel.”
"Nice meeting you Rachel, even though it's over the phone. So, you're sure you're okay?”
Rachel hesitated, but noticed how talking to him calmed her. "Who are you?”
''My name's Mat, but I've already told you.”
There was no malice in his voice. She sat down on the couch, her body slowly relaxing. “Oliver's never mentioned someone called Mat.”
He laughed. “You know all his secrets? “
"No, but I believe, he’d mentioned a friend staying with him.”
"Let me think, I can't recall him mentioning your name, either." His voice had a teasing tone and Rachel started to like him. It was exactly what she needed after the opening the door to the police. “After Tamara I'm the next most important woman in his life,” she said trying hard to match his humour.
"Damn the bugger. He’s always been greedy when it came to the other sex. Tell me, Rachel, why were you so upset?”
"You tell me first how Oliver knows someone from New Zealand?’
He laughed again and it was one of those laughs that was contagious, but also one that told everyone this person loved to laugh. "You picked up on that, eh?”
"Educated guess.”
"Oliver and I went to school together in the U.S.A. and have stayed in contact since.”

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