#NewRelease by Amanda Mackey "Once an Angel" @AmandaMacey43

Once an Angel
by Amanda Mackey


Angel turned Demon, Nathaniel has been sent to Earth to tarnish pure souls, then banish them to Hell so Lucifer may recruit them into his army. What Nate doesn't expect is a chance meeting with Maya at a coffee shop in Mt. Vernon, Washington. He's drawn to her innocence and purity. At first he wants to lead her into temptation so she may join him in Hell but as he gets to know her, he realizes he also wants to protect her. With a deadline looming and the King of Hades claiming Maya for himself, Nate fights against his evil nature in a desperate bid to keep her safe.
Maya lives a simple life. Work. Eat. Sleep. Spending time with her best friend. When charming and stunningly handsome Nate ends up at the counter of the cafe where she works, she's left floundering at the intense affect he has on her. After agreeing to spend time with him, she soon discovers more to the sexy newcomer than meets the eye. Her world is turned upside down. Some things in fairy tales are real.

About the author:

Amanda Mackey was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was 12 years old with her family, where she has lived ever since. She has loved books since an early age and is an avid reader. This has helped lay the foundation for her writing. She's published 7 novels to date with plenty more on the way. An author with Limitless Publishing, she loves to spend time with family when she's not writing or reading. Amanda hopes to make writing her full time career and travel in the near future


She was perfect for what I had in mind. Timid. Easily led. After all, she was squeezed up against me on the back of my bike after only having met me just over an hour ago. Silly girl. I could be leading her to her death for all she knew. All in good time but first I wanted to have a little fun with the stunning creature squeezing my ass between her thighs.
It had been way too long since I’d had a woman’s curvaceous figure pressed up against me and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Not today. Today was all about bending her to my will. Showing her that I could play nice.
When she’d stumbled on the sidewalk, my instinct had been to protect her from hurting herself. Strange. It wasn’t a need I normally succumbed to. Helping others. It wasn’t in my nature. The thought of seeing her face planting the concrete had driven me out of my comfort zone and into un-chartered territory. A place that held emotions reserved for the weak and more humane creatures. It wouldn’t serve me well to entertain those  crippling sensations.
Letting the throttle out on the bike, we comfortably eased out of town. I loved the sense of freedom my Harley gave me. Freedom was a relatively new experience. Since leaving the confines of Hell I’d been given free rein to roam the Earth to recruit an army for Satan himself. One could get used to life’s pleasures. Even though I still had a job to do, nothing had been said about not enjoying myself along the way.
Mia was a perfect distraction. Her body felt sensational, molded to mine while the meaty throb of danger sat between my legs, fueling my lust as I put the machine through its paces, enjoying the vibrations and roar from the engine. My sexual urges were greater than that of any mortal male. Powerful lust driven by debauchery and greed. A sinful nature. Oh, what I could do to the pristine soul clinging to me as if her life depended on it. Watching the way her locks had flowed over the pale column of her neck had me insane with need to have a taste, for she was a true delicacy that I would indeed savor.