Catherine Bennett - The Trouble with Charlie

Publisher: Astraea Press
ISBN: currently only available as an ebook
My rating: 5/5
Love. Desire. A psycho bent on revenge. But can Charlie Reynolds recognize the most dangerous of the three?
Since being out on her own at eighteen, Charlotte “Charlie” Reynolds is a street-smart “good” girl who hides her desire for love and security behind her feisty and independent personality. She just never expected a more noxious hero than wealthy, self-consumed Evan Gardner, the CEO and founder of Valley Tech., a successful software company in Los Angeles. From the moment Evan rescues her from an apparent random attack, their attraction for each other bubbles just below the surface of all-out passion.  (
My thoughts
Loved it!
Charlie (Charlotte) is attacked by a stranger while on her morning run and Evan Gardner comes to the rescue. Sounds like a cliche doesn't it? Kinda is, but these two find their way together when he offers her the job as an Au-pair (which is the wrong term as it is a nanny job - but I don't wanna be cheeky here). He feels out of his depth the way she brings along a breath of fresh air into the house as she shows his little daughter to "live life". But Charlie and Evan struggle to give into their feelings, as friends as well as neighbours seem to throw in some obstacles.
Catherine Bennett writes a fast paced page turner, with beautiful dialogues and the "inner thoughts" don't slow down the story. It is well written! I had a giggle though at how often those characters fall asleep over 200+ pages.  All lose ends are nicely tight up together at the end and it leaves you with a "Awwww" and a smile on your face.
Give it go. You won't regret it!

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