Lee Child - Without Fail

Publisher: Jove Books
ISBN:  978-0515144314
My rating: 5/5
Reacher is approached by a Secret Service agent who makes a highly unusual request. "I want to hire you to assassinate the Vice President of the United States," she says. She's the newly appointed head of the VP's security detail and wants Reacher to try and penetrate her team's shield, testing its efficacy against a genuine attack. Reacher has the skills and the stealth, and he's totally anonymous - how better to check security? What she doesn't tell Reacher is that a very determined and deadly team of assassins already has the VP in its sights. These men are skilled killers, but they've overlooked one key element - the presence of the equally lethal Reacher. (

My rating
O-M-G ... what a rollercoaster ride. Loved it! Though in a way short on action, it's a page turner from start to end.
Joe Reacher's ex-girlfriend, M.E. Froelich from the Secret Service asks Jack Reacher for help. Help in form of trying to kill the Vice-President Brook Armstrong. And he delivers - he finds the weak points in the protection of the VP.
Only then he learns that the threat is actually real and the hunt for the bad guy begins.
Mix a little bit of romance, yes, Reacher in a suit (!) and a twist I didn't see coming and you have a good book. Ok, IMO the bed-hopping gets a bit too much for me!
But most interestingly, add another character: Francis Neagley, a colleague from Reacher's Army days. She is a great character and let's hope that she will be back in any future stories! Or even her own?

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