Jojo Moyes - The Last Letter from Your Lover

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN: 978-0340961643

My rating: 2.5/5


Winner of the 2011 RNA Book Of The Year Award
When journalist Ellie looks through her newspaper's archives for a story, she doesn't think she'll find anything of interest. Instead she discovers a letter from 1960, written by a man asking his lover to leave her husband and Ellie is caught up in the intrigue of a past love affair. Despite, or perhaps because of her own romantic entanglements with a married man.
In 1960, Jennifer wakes up in hospital after a car accident. She can't remember anything her husband, her friends, who she used to be. And then, when she returns home, she uncovers a hidden letter, and begins to remember the lover she was willing to risk everything for.
Ellie and Jennifer's stories of passion, adultery and loss are wound together in this richly emotive novel interspersed with real 'last letters'.
My thoughts

I wouldn't have a clue what to write. The first part was boring. It's confusing as well until you get the hang of the change between now and the 60s.

Ellie (the now part) finds an old letter in the library when the newspaper she works for moves to a different building. Then the story moves to the 60s and we read about the background of this letter - the affair between Jennifer Stirling and Tony O'Hare. An affair she cannot remember though, because of a car accident and a amnesia.

I didn't like any of the characters - except Rory. Wait, you really want me to tell you how he fits in?

Okay - the ending was kinda nice and moving when we get to read the "Happy Ending".

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