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I continue with  Rachel's story. I introduced her in "I think I love you", the third book in the "Australian Sports Stars Series". She's Sarah's sister.
When Rachel opens the door and finds the police standing in front of her door, she's scared of a repeat of the day she was dragged to the police station. Yet, the two officers only want information and ask her to stop by later that day. Worried, she calls Oliver, a good friend, but instead gets Matiu Afoa on the phone. Matiu is Oliver's Kiwi friend staying with him for a week. He's in Melbourne for a meeting.

Today's prompt is GRAB

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She held his stare most likely wanting to see his reaction to her news. And in all fairness, it wasn't at all what he’d expected. Possibly — but then again he didn't know what he'd expected either, yet the mention of the word police threw him a bit.
"You're not a suspect, are you? “ He asked with a little jest in his voice not believing that was the case.
Her gaze went past him now as the shook her head. He cupped her chin with both of his hands, tilting her head towards him to see her eyes. Sadness had taken over and he could've kicked himself for his curiosity.
He drew a deep breath. “Sorry.”
She shook her head. “No. Don’t be. You did nothing wrong.” With a slight lift of her shoulder, she added, “We dated a very brief period of time before it ended. His name kind of left a sour taste in my mouth so I’m still torn between not caring and feeling sorry for him.”
Mat grabbed his wallet from the back pocket of his pants and retrieved one of his business cards.
“My number’s on here. Promise me you’ll call me if you need to talk.”
Rachel took the card, her hesitation obvious. “I’m fine,” she replied with a slight smile.
“Promise me,” he insisted.
“Yes, dad,” she mocked him. “I promise I will call you if for any reasons I will need to talk to someone.”
“’Atta girl.”
“But first let me win the lotto, because this would be an overseas call.”
A frown creased his forehead. “Paka!”
“Excuse me?”
He looked at her, initially not sure what he’d said, when he remembered his bout of annoyance was made in Maori. “Sorry. I try not to swear in English.”
Letting out a soft laugh, she simply nodded.
“Call through, and I return the call,” he suggested.
“I will, but honestly, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”
With no more words, she slid behind the steering wheel, and he closed the door. She drove off, leaving him staring after her until she was completely out of sight. A few seconds later, he headed the opposite direction and started to walk back to Oliver’s house.
Slowly, and with a constant smile on his face.

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  1. He's happy though he's pacing his pursuit of her down to about five miles per hour. Come on, Mat, get it in gear!!

  2. Nicely done. I like the natural dialogue. From his smile I assume he has a plan to stay in touch.

  3. Great scene. I especially like the last line and learning the Maori swear word.

    1. LOL .... that cracked me up, Flossie :-)

  4. Nice scene. I loved the line. "I try not to swear in English."

    1. LOL .... taken from real life ;-) Thanks Joselyn.

  5. Nice scene! Very realistic and well done.