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I continue with  Rachel's story. I introduced her in "I think I love you", the third book in the "Australian Sports Stars Series". She's Sarah's sister.
When Rachel opens the door and finds the police standing in front of her door, she's scared of a repeat of the day she was dragged to the police station. Yet, the two officers only want information and ask her to stop by later that day. Worried, she calls Oliver, a good friend, but instead gets Matiu Afoa on the phone. Matiu is Oliver's Kiwi friend staying with him for a week. He's in Melbourne for a meeting.

Today's prompt is HIP

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From the moment Rachel walked into the restaurant, Mat had an inkling that she wasn’t gay, or a bitch for that matter. Not only did she look very attractive in her plain tight jeans and a simple white T-shirt but also her smile was genuine and bright, her brown eyes radiated peace and happiness — except when he’d asked whether she’d killed someone. Not for a minute did he believe, though, that she’d actually killed someone. Her demeanour said differently. Tilting his head slightly, he watched her avoiding his stare, biting her lips as she ran her fingers through her wavy brown hair, moving it all to one side.
Finally, their eyes met again. “No. Not bad. A person I knew was killed and the circumstances… well, less than pleasant.”
She snorted. “I’d say.”
“In a selfish way, I’m glad I’ve been able to put a little smile on your beautiful face.”
It didn’t go past him that her cheeks flushed a little, and he tried not to grin at the fact.
“We both have sisters. We both have Oliver as a very good friend. We like rugby…”
She laughed. “I know next to nothing about rugby. I know the All Blacks are from New Zealand and they won the world cup.”
“Okay, fair enough. But you like sport.”
“More watching than being active. I like the occasional swim.”
“Lucky me. At the end of the dinner I might be able to convince you to take me to a lovely beach for a swim.”
Now her laugh was half a snort. “Definitely All Black persistence.”
“Yes and no.”
He cocked a brow.
“I’m currently doing my Certificate in Massage Therapy. I work occasionally at the pub to get some extra cash.”
Taking a sip from his drink, he replied, "Massage therapy. Impressive. I might ask you to give my hips a little massage.”
“Not nearly as impressive as being a helicopter pilot,” she said, yet not looking at him.
Mat became more and more intrigued about her. Her shy nature, the self-doubt that shone through when talking about herself, and the hesitation to tell him more about the person she was.
“Born in Melbourne?”
“Yes, born and raised in Melbourne. You?”
“Born in Auckland, moving to Queenstown soon.”
“North or south island.”
“Auckland is north, Queenstown south.”
“New Zealand must be beautiful. I’ve never been there.”
He grinned, knowing too well, she’d changed the subject away from her again.
Mat didn't push it any further and started telling her about New Zealand, a subject he loved dearly and could’ve talked about for days. He enjoyed her company, her interest in most things, and the way she soaked up each of his words.
A couple of hours later, Rachel checked the time and said, "I'm really sorry, but it's time for me to go, but Oliver mentioned a barbeque tomorrow at his place. Will you be there?”
Mat nodded. "Wouldn't miss it for the world.”
They stood, and he went to pay for the dinner before he joined Rachel outside.
"Can I walk you to your car?”
She let out a soft laugh. "The car is right there," she said pointing at a red little car only twenty metres up the road. He groaned inwardly knowing his time with her was over soon. Placing his hand on the low of her back, they started walking the few metres in silence. Once they got to the car, Rachel dug in her bag for the keys and then pushed the remote to unlock it.
"Thanks for a nice evening,” she said just above a whisper. “It was just what I needed after a shitty day.”
It took all his courage, but he leaned in and gently touched her lips with his.

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  1. Nice natural conversation. Great way to move the story along. Well done.

  2. As Susanne said. What a lovely and natural conversation.

  3. What a sweet, lovely date. Loved the dialogue, she kept him guessing.

  4. You gave us a lot of information in a very realistic dialogue. Great job!