Janet Evanvovich - Motor Mouth

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780060584054

My rating:  3/5

It's the last race of the season, and the wheels are smoking and the temperature is rising at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Alexandra Barnaby is NASCAR driver Sam Hooker's raceday spotter, his eye-in-the-sky, telling Hooker when to pass and when to get off the gas. From her vantage point high above the grandstand she's also seeing things going on in the infield that will change her life. Things that will lead to a stolen racecar hauler, a kidnapped Saint Bernard, a bizarre murder, some restless nights under the covers with Hooker, and a reunion with super cigar roller Rosa Florez and the queen of wholesale fruit Felicia Ibarra.
From Miami, Florida to Concord, North Carolina and back to Miami this is an action-packed multi-car crash of shady dealings, stolen technology, drive-thru windows and destruction of personal property. Everything you always wanted to know about righteous indignation, stealing an eight-wheeler, stashing a dead body, and sex in the fast lane. (www.

My thoughts
I had my hopes up with this series, but .... hmmm .... the second installment didn't really live up to the first one and any of my expectations. It was a good book, great story, great plot, I love Sam Hooker, but it was long and drawn out.

Alex Barnaby and NASCAR guy Sam Hooker are back solving a murder or two within the racing community. All very technical and sometimes way beyond my understanding, but not to the point where I was completely lost. I honestly believe if Janet Evanovich would give this series a little bit more thought and time it could turn out really really well - I like the pair! I like the dialogue and I especially like Hooker's witty verbal come-backs. It's a real treat.

Obviously I have been comparing the books to the Stephanie Plum series, but just because they are from the same author doesn't necessarily mean that we, as readers, should do that - quite the opposite. And as such, I still believe that this series has potential, soI am a bit disappointed that book three is a graphic novel.

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