Kerstin Gier - Fuer jede Loesung ein Problem

Publisher: Bastei Luebbe Verlag

ISBN: 978-3404156146

Language: German

My rating: 2.5/5

Gerri schreibt Abschiedsbriefe an alle, die sie kennt, und sie geht nicht gerade zimperlich mit der Wahrheit um. Nur dummerweise klappt es dann nicht mit den Schlaftabletten und dem Wodka – und Gerris Leben wird von einem Tag auf den anderen so richtig spannend. Denn es ist nicht einfach, mit seinen Mitmenschen klarzukommen, wenn sie wissen, was man wirklich von ihnen hält!

Lach-Therapie für alle Schwarzseher – oder wenn das Leben es mal wieder nicht so gut mit einem meint … (

My thoughts

So - this is a different kind of genre for Kerstin Gier - suicide!

We get to know Gerri - short for Gerda because she was supposed to be a boy named Gerd. Gerri is in the process in writing her "goodbye-letters" to those she feels she needs to speak her last words: her mother she was never able to make it right for, her very best friend, who indeed was a great friend and Gerri tells her how much she's appreciated this friendship; a letter as well for the new editor at the publishing house she works for as a freelance writer, the one, in Gerri's words, with the sexy derriere,  and so many others letters to those she feels she needs to make peace with. Her suicide is planned and organised to go ahead in a hotel .... but she didn't expect to run into Ole, one of her friends, who is drowning is sorrow in alcohol and ends up in Gerri's hotel room - messing up her plans.

Like in all the other books, I couldn't warm to the story, even though the plot and the story are good, it's again the characters who are so extrem, ie the mother or the sisters. A bit like Cinderella, though it's not a step-mother. Though this was a more serious side to Gier, I find she failed again to develop the characters more and give the actual topic more oompf.

I'd give it a miss, though I suppose it's one of her better ones!

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