Sophie Kinsella Christmas Cards Competition

(from Sophie's Website)

Hi everyone!

It's that festive time again - and I'm feeling especially festive right now because of my special Christmas cover!!! I'm so excited to share with you all the new-look Mini Shopaholic, which is being released in the UK just in time for the holiday season. Isn't it a great idea, a special Christmas edition?! Perfect for a present or just a treat.

The cover is so beautiful and Christmassy that it inspired me with a whole new idea - why not send Christmas cards to my readers? You have sent me so many lovely messages over the past year, I'd really like to give something back to you.

Of course, I'd love to be able to send you ALL a Christmas card. But as that would be impossible, I've decided to send out a hundred cards to my readers around the world, signed personally by me. The card will be based on the Mini Shopaholic cover design and will I hope be a lovely memento.

If you would like a card from me this Christmas, simply enter your details on my special Christmas Card competition page before Sunday 28th November 2010. Then keep a lookout in your mailbox.

Merry Christmas!

Love Sophie xxx

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