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 Happy "Book Hook" Day
May I 'hook' you on "I think I love you"
my latest release in the Australian Sport Stars series? 

"I think I love you" is set in Melbourne, in the wonderful country of Australia.    


I hope you get hooked by this Snippet
Today's hook

Sarah listened to his steps as he strode down the hall until he stood next to her. Ignoring him, she turned up the volume and laughed at some lame scene on the telly.
“Good morning,” he said as he sat next to her.
“We’ve broken up.”
He laughed again.
Turning to face him, she gave him a slap on his arm. “Will you take me seriously, please?”
“I do. We’ve broken up and now we rekindle our friendship,” he replied as he reached for the cake. “Vegies so early in the morning?”
“Shut up. I’m having my orgasm here, and I need peace and quiet for that.”
Markus nearly spat out the cake in his mouth along with his snort.
Sarah shot him a glare. She was sure she’d hit rock bottom, but he didn’t have to make it that obvious.
Letting out a long sigh, she leaned back into the couch. “I’m truly sorry about yesterday, Marky. I have no idea what came over me.”
“Physical attraction,” he said with a shrug.
She moved away from him, angry tears burning the back of her eyes. “For crying out loud, for once will you take me seriously?”
“I do, baby.”
She bit her lip as she studied her face. “I’m sorry,” she whispered again.
“Saz. Let it go. It was an intense twenty-four hours. The thing with Timmy, coping through a wedding not only with a headache, but also with the disappointment. Shit happens.”

She nodded, but stayed silent, not sure how to answer that. 

Markus DeLeon and Sarah Winter’s lives couldn’t be more different… After three years away as the goalkeeper for an English soccer club, Markus has been happy to be back in Australia. He’d missed his family and friends, including Sarah. He’s known her since childhood, and often protected her from the teasing of other children and the troubling consequences of a broken home.

When they attend their friends’ wedding, a new light is cast on their friendship… Sarah is fresh out of a bad relationship, and Markus has always been the one she can confide in. Maybe it’s the magic of the wedding—or how stunning he looks in a tux—but the attraction between them intensifies in ways they’d never imagined.

But sometimes when risking what you have, you might lose everything… Following a passionate encounter, Markus isn’t sure how to handle this new aspect of his relationship with Sarah, and literally flees the scene for the coast. Sarah is unsure how to react to his sudden departure, but is soon knocked off course by misunderstandings and a frightening family emergency.

Markus realises his mistake and wants to make things right, but he also faces obstacles. He’s been offered an exciting new job, and an attractive newcomer to the neighbourhood is eager to claim his attention, though the last thing Markus needs is another confusing relationship.
Can Sarah and Markus face the fear and doubt—and the potential loss of their lifelong friendship—to give their love a chance?


5 Stars 
Book #3 of the Australian Sport Series - also the one I enjoyed the most :)
Their love story is not your regular "thrills" one - you know, the one with shivers top to bottom and bottom to top - at the first sight :) It's a beautiful story about the friendship, strong and true, turning slowly into some profound feelings. They do not realize it at first, then they do not want to realize that, finally they are too scared to admit it... :) But it gets them anyways :D

4 Stars
For me this book had to happen. Markus and Sarah have been best friends forever and the only ones still single.
Despite the obstacles and the misunderstandings that litter their lives, they were always meant for each other. The chemistry between them is undeniable but thankfully they figure it out.
Iris does an amazing job creating believable characters, in real life situations with emotions that we've all experienced.
A great summer read full of love, laughter and enduring friendship.

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