Snippet Sunday - JOURNEY TO HER DREAMS 13/12/2015 #romance #amreading #dreams #Ireland

JOURNEY TO HER DREAMS was re-released early August and
 has enjoyed another full edit and an awesome new cover.

Here's another little snippet.



The last couple of days had been an emotional roller coaster for her. Hollie wasn’t entirely sure whether she had overreacted or if Jeremy had, indeed, come on to her too fast. Fact was, she wasn’t ready to face him yet, because not only was she hurt, but embarrassed as well.
She felt Ben’s stare on her and sighed. Then she noticed his hand in a gesture of dismissal. “Girlfriend, don’t you worry about him. Davo will keep an eye on him.” He raised his eyebrows at her as he casually shrugged. “Honestly, I'm not sure what happened, but he’s not a bad guy. He came along to the cricket the other day. I thought he was okay.” Placing his arm around her, he added, “C’mon. Don’t let him ruin a beautiful day like this for you.”
Hollie choked back a laugh. “Jerk, you get along with everyone who plays cricket or footy and drinks beer.”

“Now, now, now. No need to be nasty.” He winked at her.

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  1. I don't think he would look like a bad guy around everyone. It's not like bad guy is tattooed on bad guys's face. And if she felled yucky about him better to stay away.

    1. Thanks Linda. Let's see, he might redeem himself :-)

  2. Love the interaction between the two of them. But I agree with Linda... If she's not comfortable around him then she doesn't need to be around him.

  3. It's fun to write dialogue between friends, isn't it? Love this exchange, and you made me feel for her plight too. Nice snippet!

    ~Joyce Scarbrough

  4. Of course he's not bad around guys - he doesn't want to sleep with guys. Great snippet, Iris. :)

  5. I enjoyed the dialogue between these two - excellent snippet!

  6. I really liked the interaction between Hollie and Ben.

  7. Fun bit of banter with an undercurrent of uncertainty beneath it all. Nice work!