Snippet Sunday - JOURNEY TO HER DREAMS 20/12/2015 #romance #reading #dreams #Ireland

JOURNEY TO HER DREAMS was re-released early August and
 has enjoyed another full edit and an awesome new cover.

Here's another little snippet.



I've chosen a little snippet further along in the story. It's Christmas and "they" (don't want to give too much away) are attending the Christmas Eve service.
Enjoy :-)

As they all  listened to the sermon, Hollie glanced towards him and noticed his arms resting on his knees and his head facing down. Was he even listening? She watched his hands. There was something about them—strong, yet soft at the same time.
He wore a subtle diamond ring on one of his fingers and a silver watch around his wrist. She couldn’t help but stare and suddenly had a vision of these hands touching her, caressing her body, and taking her into an embrace. Hollie blushed and quickly turned her head. Feeling guilty, she tried to get her mind back to the minister’s words and the Christmas story he was telling.
“ ... in these days of Advent, may you have hope, trust, and faith. Open your hearts to your family, friends and those close to you.”
Open your heartshope, trust and faiththe words went through her mind, and she glanced at him again. Their eyes met as he turned towards her with a smile.


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