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I continue with  Rachel's story. I introduced her in "I think I love you", the third book in the "Australian Sports Stars Series". She's Sarah's sister.
When Rachel opens the door and finds the police standing in front of her door, she's scared of a repeat of the day she was dragged to the police station. Yet, the two officers only want information and ask her to stop by later that day. Worried, she calls Oliver, a good friend, but instead gets Matiu Afoa on the phone. Matiu is Oliver's Kiwi friend staying with him for a week. He's in Melbourne for a meeting.

Today's prompt is: SHOE. 

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Mat loosened his tie as soon as he got into his room he’d been staying in while with Oliver. Relieved about the outcome of the meeting with Karen, he kicked off his shoes and threw himself onto the bed while dialling Adam’s number in New Zealand.
“Kia Ora my friend. What’s the news?”
Mat smiled. “We’ve got the deal. It’s now up to the lawyers to negotiate the big money.”
“Pai mahi.”
He cringed at his friend's words. “Will you stop talking Maori?”
Mat rolled his eyes as Adam’s bark of laughter echoed through the phone. It was days like these when he regretted teaching his friend the language. Unlike Mat, whose background was half Maori half English and his command of the Maori and English languages fluent, Adam’s parents had moved to New Zealand thirty years ago when he was only a little baby.  
“I like it,” Adam replied, a chuckle still in his voice. “You won’t be able to teach me for much longer once you move to Queenstown.”
Despite looking forward to moving to the bigger city, his stomach still churned every time he thought about leaving his friend behind. But Adam had settled with his wife just outside Fox Glacier…and they were expecting their first child.
It was time for Mat to move on and he was excited about the challenge to extend their business.
Mat gave Adam all the details of the meeting before he hung up. He shut his eyes for a second when he recalled his conversation with Rachel. Her voice. Her frustration. Or had it been fear?
Quickly, he grabbed his phone again and dialled Oliver’s number yet wasn’t able to get hold of him. Raking his hand through his short hair, another thought came to him and he got up in search for Oliver’s phone.
Bingo – Rachel’s number was stored in the speed dial. Hesitating, he finally pushed the button, his heartbeat soaring with each ringtone, until she finally answered.
“Darling, please tell me you’re going to have a little girl.”

Mat cocked a brow not sure how to respond.

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